5 Final Fantasy XV Fan Theories That Potentially Change Everything!


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We’ve quite a cool video for you guys today, as it relates to Final Fantasy XV fan theories about the story and what it means. I think we’ve all been guilty of being swept away by theories now and then because some of them are just so damned compelling and even though Final Fantasy 15 has only been out for a few months, tons of theories have already arrived.

This video is going to highlight five in particular (links below) and they relate to Ifrit and the wider lore of Eos, Prompto, Ravus, Noctis and Ardyn.

Pitioss Ruins Theory:

Prompto Mother Theory:
Prompto Brother Theory:

Ravus Visual Change Theory:

Noctis Alternate Timeline Theory:

Ardyn Story Theory:




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  1. Hope you all enjoyed the video! Bear in mind, these are just 5 of our favorites! There are PLENTY MORE! Which are your favorite theories? Let us know! 🙂

  2. My theory on the ff 15 ending is that the alternate ending from ep ignis is what happens after the main games ending and that galdio prompts and ingns and noctis all survive and that after noctis destroys the darkness everyone who died to it came back to life but that’s all just a theory a game theory

  3. In the Prompto dlc, it is said that Prompto was actually a clone of Verstael (or however you spell his name) much like the other children which were later demonified and turned into niflheim soldiers. This is proven in Ardyn’s dlc where you meet a much younger Verstael who appears younger and identical to Prompto. Although the one loophole some people found with this is that none of the other clones seen in the dlc looked like prompto but yet again they never did a close up of their faces so who knows.

  4. this sounds like the theoryt that the timeline splits in two in a way similar to ff1 where chaos altered time, which might mean that ff15 is the newest incarnation of the events of 1 and of ff9 which hints to garland having tried to take over the world before.

  5. I remember playing Assassins creed Origins and Bayek does a mission where he basically accidentally releases Ardyn from a prison of sorts. Is Bayek inadvertently responsible for all events o f FF 15.

  6. Ardyn is a character shrouded in mystery as much as tragedy. He is filled with so much rage and hatred, by the end of the game, that you can truly see there is no good left in him. In my opinion, he's about as insane and evil as Kefka. He even mind-controlled the emperor of Nilfheim, the same as Kefka did to Gestahl.

  7. I just don’t get how the original ending of FFXV is supposed to be ambiguous. It doesn’t seem ambiguous to me at all. Luna is dead, Noctis died on the throne, and Ardyn’s body is destroyed in limbo. What’s ambiguous about it? If it’s supposed to be, I really missed something.

  8. Well yeah.. the alternate timeline thing is a bit of a stretch, but at the same time it's the most realistic interpretation when you actually think about it, if noctis did die, he died in the exact same way as arydn, which would mean he couldn't possibly exist to be in the afterlife with Luna. (I think it was episode Ignis that mentioned arydn can't be allowed into the afterlife so has to be completely destroyed, and we saw noct be destroyed in the exact same way as him). More likely is he didn't die. But was summoned/teleported to the new timeline. Noct disappeared in kinda the same visual style as weapons being summoned/dispersed, a power that comes from the crystal, which is linked to the six. Ardyn dies, wiped from existence, new timeline created where he doesn't exist, the six summon/teleport noct to the new timeline (since he was already outside the world when it was reset)

    Imo the only thing that could be used to disprove the alternate timeline thing is the picture that noct hands to Luna, but, if noct was just summoned from the astral plain rather than dying, he would still have that picture on his person.

    Besides.. what's more likely for the story, noct dead, humanity killed off to the point it fits in 1 city and roadside garage, years of war with daemons has left the survivors damaged and broken in a destroyed world, or, happy ending, timeline reset without the bad guy, noct married Luna, the bro's fight over who's the best best man, noct rules Lucius, everyone's alive and doing great. (Iris plans to assassinate Luna and take her place, as it should be). Hell even if it is far fetched it's how I'm going to personally continue to think things ended, and I can, because it was left open ended for a reason 😂😆

  9. The Japanese Sqex YT channel still has the old VSXIII trailers. It makes me believe that there's much truth to the Omen-trailer & the whole alternative time-line thing. Notice how Noctis in the Omen-trailer looks much more similar to the old Versus-XIII 2011 Noctis version? Also, there is a rumour that Luna won't exist in the alternative ("Versus XV") story. Noctis kills her in the Omen-trailer. Last but not least, that cryptic dialogue at the end of the trailer with the king is very interesting and leaves A LOT of room for speculations. Idk about you guys, but I simply love reading all those theories and rumours. It makes a game much more engaging imo.

  10. I think I know the real cause for Ardyn's fall from grace; Somnus secretly wanted the power of the True King for himself, and set all those horrific events in motion for that reason. I think Somnus wants to overthrow the Astrals because he's disillusioned with them as a whole, despite the fact that Ifrit was the traitor, or so we're led to believe right now. Under that assumption, I believe Somnus will be the final boss for the last piece of DLC, before we get the happy ending I think is coming next year.

  11. 7:15 sounds like he story of lightning returns where you save people and than became the god of chaos or death.

  12. I can’t quiet remember what the points made but I found one that Stella – obviously an Easter egg, – was Noctis and Luna’s unborn child.

  13. Squenix just needs to make a freaking director's cut version of Final Fantasy 15 at some point. There are so many cool things found within both the lore and the characters themselves and it's a shame that it was never fully realized or elaborated on properly. Though, since they've already ran with the base game and back at this point, I don't really think they see the point in doing so. It's clear that the original producers of this game wanted to tell their story in a specific way, but development just kept getting in the way.

    The tone they seemed to go for in development was much darker and involved. And while the theme of brotherly love and companionship isn't bad in and of itself, I feel those themes can only shine through when the characters actively learn more about each other and their disturbing character flaws. That and it fits with the whole "Gothic" theme the game gives off to me, personally.

  14. The alternate time line one suggesting Norris erased ardyn from history once already is false. This can be proven by ardyns words. He specifically states the jealous king makes him a monster and his deeds of cleansing darkness are lost, thus he was erased from history.

  15. my theory is that they just took the bible and told the story of jesus with final fantasy elements and used a narrative that centers only around the messiah viewpoint. i didn't enjoy the plot though i can be a better messianic redemptor in xenogears and have my mind blown by amazing characters and storylines.

  16. The whole idea of Ardyn 'Breaking Bad' is very interesting; definitely adds a new layer to his already compelling character.

  17. I think the ending scene with the photo is showing the funeral of noctis, then the photo on the throne is meant to honor noctis (?) then noctis n luna spirit comes out. Am i the only one that thinks this way lol

  18. I really like the idea that the timeline actually reset itself in the end, and that is why you heard the beginning dialogue in the end. When I first heard that dialogue, I thought they were just trying to make us sad, because it really worked. It made me cry. I would like to think that Noctis and Luna reunited only for a few moments before everything reset because I hated the ending. I hated that Luna and Noct died and I hated that Ignis lost his eyesight.

  19. I accept theory 5 with a major twist. I looked at this as mythology. In mythology the gods tend to set everything in motion and know everything. Ardyn was the first chosen with the destiny of absorbing the darkness. In the generation of the 13 Lucian Kings before Noctis he's doing his job as the gods see fit. Upon the Rise of noctis it becomes Ardyn's task to set everything in motion. He's playing his part and being guided by the gods in just the same way as Noctis is doing his part.

    At any point Ardyn could have killed everyone but he didn't. He wanted to prophesy to be complete and he wanted Noctis to kill him. At the end of the final battle (and in the knights of the round cinematic) he welcomes the eternal sleep and not waking up again. In fact he seems glad to be slain in the cinematic. I think he knew his entire destiny or it was revealed to him LONG before Noctis was even born. Problably guided and told by Gentiana. Still not entirely sure how Ifrit fits into this but it would make sense to have a god of fire (light) oversee and protect the one who's destiny it is to soak up all the darkness. Perhaps Ifrit's corruption and betrayal of the gods caused Ardyn to do more damage than he intended. Ifrit felt like the final boss to me and Ardyn was quite easy as compared.

  20. Not just ravus but luna also suffered a major image remodel from kingsglaive to game,my conclusion is kingsglaive is just americanized, hence, the changes

  21. Anyone complaining about Howard lot of fan theories means that story telling was bad should go play any of the souls games. Vague is fun, especially when done in this fashion. It's nice to have the feeling like there is much more to learn past the first play through.

  22. Of the five only the timeline theory was my least favorite. first of all there's little information or evidence besides ones that is circumstantial at best and I just find it lackluster in general.
    the Ifirit story and ardyn theory were the most compelling and base on what I know I wouldn't be surprise if I found out that they were real.
    The rest are interesting and it would be a nice nod if they were true.

  23. The issue with the Pitioss Ruins theory (where the statues represent Ifrit's fall and his love for the goddess Eos) is that there is no goddess called Eos in FFXV. There was a goddess named Etro, but she was removed when Versus XIII was rebranded as FFXV. The planet is named Eos but the lore revealed in the game and officially published outside of it states it was created by higher beings (none of which are named) who have long since moved on, leaving only the six Astrals to watch over Eos. Eos is a goddess from real world mythology, but so is Gaia and the planet from FFVII is most definitely not also a goddess. And the woman in the logo is the Oracle. This is shown in the painting that depicts the prophesied arrival of the King of Light and is confirmed with the way the final scene in the game becomes the logo.

    For a heavily researched theory that has been widely accepted as canon (even though it isn't) by a fandom so scarred by Pitioss that an explanation for its existence has become necessity, I'm surprised that such a key thing was completely overlooked.

  24. I do not think we will ever find out the truth, I don't think we are supposed to. As the developer said, each one allows us to come to come with out own ending. I think that is something special and that everyone is correct. For me at the end of Chapter 9, I cried. Yes Im old school and old fashioned and still believe in love and romance. Seeing the cut scenes at the end where Luna passes away, was beautifully made and If they wanted to hit our hearts, then they did rather a good job of it. The ending for me is simple and old school. Noct and Luna are together…


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