Arriving Vietnam without a visa Flying Air Asia Don Muang Airport Bangkok to Ho Chi Min City Vietnam


Vietnam Travel Video arriving at Ho Chi Min Airport Vietnam without a visa. I flew with Air Asia from Don Muang Bangkok Airport to Ho Chi Min City Airport in Vietnam.

I filmed the journey using a Sony A7R III camera mounted on a Feyui Tech a2000 gimbal.

Once I arrived in Ho Chi Min Airport and after taking out some Vietnamese Dong and buying a Sim card for Vietnam I took the yellow Ho Chi Min airport shuttle bus to the centre of Ho Chi Min City Area 1 and checked into my hotel.

Thailand Travel Tips video. We have arrived at Bangkok airport Thailand! This is the first video in my Thailand vlog series, starting with flying in to Don Mueang airport in Bangkok on an Air Asia flight from Siem Reap in Cambodia.
How expensive is Bangkok Thailand? In this Thailand travel vlog I give you some helpful tips for travellers flying in to Bangkok including some costs. After buying a Thai Sim card for data use in Thailand, and a snack at Don Mueang airport I show you the process for getting a taxi from Donmueang airport into Bangkok city. Remember the traffic in Bangkok can be very busy.
Request your taxi driver uses the metre rather than giving you a fixed fare, the metred fare from Donmueang Airport was less than half the price.

Equipment used in this video travel vlog
Camera: Sony A7R III (new in 2017)
Go-pro & Sound Equipment:
Stabilizer/Gimbal: Feiyu Tech a2000
Drone/Aerial footage: DJI Mavic Air / DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Next Travel Vlog: Friday 20th April 2018
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  1. Hello there…
    Where did you buy your ticket..
    Airport or agency?
    How much?
    Baggage fees?
    This info could help travelers please let me know thanx

  2. Its a Taxi Meter & a length metre … get with it Simon! I didn't like SaIgon. Too hot & crowded. The Traffic was awful. Very difficult to get around. I stayed with friends about 8 km out of the Backpacker area. I went golfing twice.


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