Battle Stadium D.O.N (Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto) – All Characters [PS2]

Battle Stadium D.O.N (バトルスタジアムDON) All Characters/Character select [PlayStation 2/PS2]
Dragon Ball vs One Piece vs Naruto Gameplay

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Name: Battle Stadium D.O.N (バトルスタジアムDON)
Developer: Eighting
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2
Release Date: July 20, 2006

#Dragonball #Onepiece #Naruto #Playstation #Gaming


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  • キン肉マンは‼

  • Let me open the riots here: who would win?
    Ultra Instinct God Goku?
    Pirate King Luffy?
    Hokage SoSP Naruto?

  • R.I.P my play2 T.T

  • これやってたわー懐かしい

  • なっつかし!!!

  • They had this back home in Philippines im glad i got to play it before leaving then 😂 they need a remake broo

  • i remmeber this shit when I 7 years old man

  • Jumpforce lite version wkwk

  • SekSek

    Author Reply

    This bring me a lot of memory🥺


    Author Reply

    Od course DBZ has the most characters

  • Yup,this is perfect,no need other extra JUMP character,just too extra

  • Eu adorava por o Goku pra lutar com o Naruto e o luffy

  • Este juego es uno de mis favoritos.

  • The most annoying part about this game is the jackpot at the end LOL too hard to get just a character

  • Ninyade Batosuta!


  • Nostalgic

  • How am I just now finding out about this? This looks cool af

  • highschool memories

  • Ohhh my i miss this game

  • This is what i wanted jump force to be when i was a kid i used to love playing this game the only problem is that i wanted it to have other shonen anime characters and also characters from naruto shippuden but sadly i was disappointed the game is so bad and the story is just utter trash i wanted it to be a 3D version of this game but with better graphics and much more characters i was extremely disappointed i guess now i just have to buy their individual games

  • I remember playing this on my ps2 I would always play all the time

  • This was my whole life back then…

  • Should have bleach and call it battle stadium bond

  • The nostalgia

  • I remember playing it with my 2cousins all day on my ps2. 🙂

  • Stajium…

  • deveram faz don 2 so que com mais anime pelo meno cdz, yuyu hakushon e bleach

  • Naruto X Hinata
    Goku X Chi Chi
    Luffy ?