Beginner Watercolor Flowers | Springtime Blooms


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All my favourite spring flowers in watercolor. Paint along with me because this tutorial is super beginner friendly!

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  1. GIVEAWAY CLOSED | WINNER: L.Michelle Lavado Congrats Michelle! Please email me at

  2. I love Gypso and it would be my favourite spring flower! 🙂 I know the contest is over but regardless! ❤️

  3. Gulmohor is the spring flower, it's vibrant color catching the eye and provides great satisfaction to my visual appetite…..

  4. Thank you Shayda. Yes it is true,.
    Who doesn't love the spring?
    It' difficult to remember 2020 spring. A friend of mine died today of Covid 19. And I'm so sad, but I know that many springs are coming, many blossoms, and new born times for all of us.
    I don't want to fear this sickness, I really don't want to, I'm tired of living hiding myself, evading touch. I cannot go to his funeral, I cannot see his daughters. …
    Thank you for your lessons.

  5. Give away I love your videos Behr perfect for the beginner. As soon as I get my brushes I'm going to be watching them my favorite flower is a blue cornflower I think that is what they are called! again thank you

  6. Had a heck of a time doing this but I literally just started painting yesterday. I DID discover a trick for painting six petal flowers: draw a plus sign and then another one on an angle, then use the tiny point of the brush to round the petals more!

  7. Forget me nots? I have them in my memorial garden. The blue fliwers you can't name. I'm 4 weeks late- but, still enjoy watching you water color flowers… that, is the Hyacynth I was talking about- my Favorite spring flower ❤❤❤❤

  8. AWE! I wish I wasn't so far behind… I have Many Favorites- hyacynths are a Tip Top. Thank you for your time Shayda!!!!

  9. I really struggle stippling with watercolor my "flowers" always turn out like a big blob and are not nearly as delicate as your ones 🙁 I guess its just a matter of practice since I am a beginner but any tips?

  10. Thank you for making these videos! Finally having time to use the watercolor supplies I was gifted xmas 2018 with this quarantine! My fav are tulips.

  11. If you could buy a complete great set of paint brushes what brand would you buy ? I’m just getting started and I’m enjoying doing this !

  12. I enjoyed the video, watched it twice. My favorite spring flower is The yellow chrysanthemum. A common flower that fills large surfaces and pleases the heart

  13. Hi Shayda. I believe the small blue flowers are little star flowers. They grew in my grandma's field. The snowdrops in her garden were my favorites though….happy sigh😍

  14. Giveaway Entry: I love daffodil 🌼
    It can tolerate much damper conditions and and they look jujutsu perfect. Gives springy vibes 🌼🌼🌼


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