c64 music & longplay: Rambo – First Blood Part II


Music: Martin Galway
Publisher: Ocean (1986)

Loader (0:02), Title (3:32), Ingame (6:53)

One of few Ocean games which had an unique loader music. I edited audio here separately and left out the three short melodies from text screens. I also had to cut the high score theme a bit short to keep the video under 11mins.

EDIT: This was one of my early sandbox videos and I did mistakes while processing the video. Even though this is an emulated recording this doesn’t really look this crappy on emulator. Sorry about that, at least audio quality should be decent and music is the main reason I uploaded this video. I recommend listening the high quality music upload recorded from a real c64 by keketonttu and compare how accurate sound emulation is.

Nguồn: https://huongphonghococresort.com/

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  1. I had it on tape, was an amazing game, beside that it was working once every ten times, and it was super difficult

  2. Wow, that loading times. Now a days we're annoyed when loading times are half a minute, and back then a game was loading over 3 minutes!

  3. Quanto ricordi!!! Ci trovavamo a casa di un amico dalle 4 a 10 persone a guardare in una tv a tubo catodico!! Che emozioni e quanto divertimento!!!

  4. I could never finish that last bit on my amstrad 64 green screen tape drive…. 20 years ago… Now… I know…. you have to shoot the hind down. I dunno how many years of my life I spent trying to finish that off…

  5. Did this game not have sound effects? Every vid I see just has music. (I remember this game, and remember the music, but I thought it had sound effects, too.)

  6. Back in the day, I'd load this game up just for that music. It still rocks beyond what even a SID should do to this day.
    Then…I'd play the game, lose and try again.
    Which means I never knew the game was over faster then an amusement ride as Disneyland.

  7. my first ever game played.at that time i cant understand english,so when i took the helo for the first time i never come back to the camp

  8. so nice Ocean.
    when you made it to the helo you have to run and anticipate when the hind attacks and start shooting. continue going north as fast as you can 🙂

  9. "You must under no circumstances engage the enemy"
    Next screen
    "Space bar selects weapons"

    …Boy, am I glad I never read that shit as a kid, or I would have been confused as Hell.

  10. by god this was a hard game to pass. Could never do it,that fighter plane always got me. good upload mate, i always wanted to see how this ended, turns out i was never far away from it !!!

  11. OK 1 more comment – who here back in the day held up your single cassette recorder to the TV speaker to record the music and then play it back later? Like you were listening to some store bought music….ah nostalgia


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