DIY Tumblr Boxed Flowers


Hi loves! I hope you enjoyed this DIY! I’ve been dying to make these boxed flowers that are all over tumblr! These were honestly so easy to make…just put on a movie because there’s 48 roses to trim so it can take a while!

Roses (I used 48 real roses)
Label (printed from google)
Floral foam

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  1. It's not just a hundred dollars but almost five hundred dollars. I can now diy my own flower box so why bother buying that 500 dollars flowers. Say I can now make it for cheap and it looks almost the same. And since it's fake, it can last long enough.

  2. 11:34 why is the music louder than your voice, cant hear you…Did you by a made box with flowers for your husbaint?If not why not

  3. Saved me some money for valentines day thanks 😀 doing this tomorrow btw do they still sell those boxes at Michael’s cause i clicked the link and it wont show up

  4. Thank you so much! I'm trying to make this for my girlfriend and I'm NOT good at DIY but you made it very simple (:

  5. I ask you where to buy a flower box, thank you for answering a lot of successes by asking REPLY,have a nice day .Nada

  6. You forgot to water the foam!! Put a coating of plastic in the box and let the foam suck up water for a while (color will change) before placing them inside. They will provide enough water for 1-2 weeks then.

  7. dip these in wax they last up to a year…. all you have to do is dip it in wax let dry clip stem off , and super glue the end, do not add water, it will mildew, do not let sit in the sun, cant be in too cold or too hot 50% humidity, and since it doesnt need water no need for a liner.


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