Fate/Grand Order (English) – Emiya (Archer) 100 LVL and 10 BOND Montage


Fate/Grand Order (English) –

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots Original Soundtrack – Metal Gear Saga
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Original Soundtrack I – Archer
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Original Soundtrack II – Emiya_UBW Extended
Fate/EXTRA CCC Original Soundtrack – backyard of eden

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Game Screen Recorder (DGenius Mobile) –

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Aydin Sadiqov (Aydin Channel)

Fate/Grand Order (English) – Babylonia Montage –

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  1. I got my last copy of Emiya last month, now it's NP 5
    This video gave me strength to give him grials (to bad I only have two).

  2. My favorite servant out of the whole Fate/Grand Order roster was actually EMIYA. Maxed out his level to level 100, his health and attack which passed 1000 points, maxed his skills to level 10, maxed his bond. The only three I have done the same with was Mash, Arash, and Shuten, but Mash was stuck at lvl 80 and I didn't have enough grails for Arash because I had given them to EMIYA and Shuten plus given two to my np2 Angra Mainyu. Shuten at lvl 100 and passed the 1000 points for her skills, but with her skills stuck at lvl 7. Both Arash lvl 70 and Mash lvl 80 both with lvl 10 skills.

    Edit:So I wanted to make an update about the grails I've gotten that I could basically grail another 4 star or 5 star servant. With the amount of helpful servants I've been getting that had helped me out through the singularities during the time when I didn't even know that the Chaldea Gate had an exp farm to level up servants, including EMIYA, who was about level 50 to 55 before Camelot came out. Had I known, I would have been able to complete the Accel/Zero event with an np5 Iri, but I couldn't due to my inexperience with the game. I learned to play fgo, gotten even better servants and found the Chaldea Gate way too late into Camelot, and had leveled my way to victory with EMIYA by my side. There is a lot of 5 stars and support servants who helped me through, from my Shuten-Doujin, to Tamamo-no-Mae lancer, who I got accidentally from a accidental draw which I wasn't even going for. Yes, it was a single pull and no, it was not with a ticket. As of the start of the Murder at the Kogetsukan, I had officially been on the game for over 600 days. To anyone who wants to be friends or use my supports, here is my friend code:747,896,920
    Have a good day everyone.

  3. I started watching fate series anime a month ago and finish it,and then play the game, luckily i got emiya and as plan , Someday I'll max him to, tho Its a long way to go…wish me luck haha

  4. Finally achieved bond 10 and np5 now I gotta max out Emiya’s skills. But after that…it’s Lancer time with the gramps.

  5. But is your EMIYA level 100, bond 10, NP5, and 2000/2000 like mine? :'D

    JK, even my EMIYA isn't 2000/2000 yet. BUT I'LL GET HIM THERE! Glad to meet another fan of the OG Archer! 🙂

  6. Когда 10/10/10 на Арчере?
    Поздравляю с Дедом, Жанной и Эбби, они реально классные.


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