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Fate/Meme Order

Finally it’s done but IDK if this version will be up for long.
Enjoy Fate/Meme Order!
Just to note it has both old and new edits from me.
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  • Swimsuit Banner!!!

  • Well, I would still go out with Boudica.

  • "Gudao-bitch! Get in the fucking Rayshift!"

  • All meme references in order:
    0:00 Evengalion
    1:33 The “laaa” sound effect from Pewdiepie’s older videos
    2:33 Friday by Rebecca Black
    2:50 Rock Lee vs Kimimaro fight from Naruto
    3:06 MLP theme song
    3:14 Seinfeld
    5:29 One Punch
    5:50 Milkshake
    7:25 Akarin Bazooka and UFO scene
    7:43 Baywatch
    8:58 Gundam
    9:16 Tron Space Paranoids theme from Kingdom Hearts 2
    10:05 Mario
    10:35 The Office?(I guess🤨)
    11:02 Burn Baby Burn
    11:13 Padoru
    11:35 Boom Headshot
    11: 55 Time for some multi fist themed JoJokes, with Stardust Crusaders playing in the background!😏😎
    12:05 Fun fact, last month I made a JoJoke themed Tiktok of this Noble Phantasm!😄
    12:19 Astolfo trap jokes
    14:12 John Cena theme
    14:18 Feminist
    14:52 Flex Tape
    15:31 Death Note
    25:09 Smash Ultimate

  • I’m late to the party but who cares! But seriously though the that meme about EX luck hits me right where it hurts. For my case in FGO is basically boils down to the following:
    – Saved a lot of Saint Quartz for a specific 5*star servant only to get the featured 4* star servant on rate up
    – get that specific 5*star everyone else saved an ass load of Saint Quartz for on a random yolo ticket summoning
    Like there is no in between wtf.
    The 5*star yolo ticket summoning was how I got my very first SSR servant Hokusai, and my very first extra class servant to boot, the yolo ticket summoning was how I got Ivan the Terrible arguably one of the best damage dealer riders in the game even at NP1, and fuckin ARJUNA when he was even the featured 5* star on rate up.

  • Here, have some salt🧂

  • this is the best intro ever dont judge

  • So…uh, I got Shuten Douji Single Roll

  • Can't unhear Antoinettes NP anymore.

  • congratulations! we are all degenerate weebs

  • 1:48
    Why the heck is he smiling!?

  • 5:51 , i think she give her a boner !

  • Idk if it's gonna stay up for long

  • Where the heck is the song from the beginning from?!?! It's so familiar it hurts.

  • 1:40 i thought saber lily was weak but wtf is this damage?!?!?!?!?

  • 2:55
    Missed Tamamo Spaghetti chance

  • What anime is 6:00? I have to do some research

  • 9:00 made this entire video worth it. Babbage's mono-eye is such a gundam reference.

  • You just got a new subscriber

  • Gatcha slat,
    Why are you telling the truth

  • A Cruel “ GACHA “ ‘s SALT .

  • Half the time I covered my phone in cringe, the other half I rofl’d

    …..what is wrong with me?…….

  • An average day in the fate community

  • 1:41 justice is served. LOLOL

  • I believe that servants from all-FSN deserve to be 4 or 5 star gold with top tier skills because they are OG. A fan since 2006 (yes! Including the hentai vn cause I bothered to watch it) – so much injustice to the OG’s cries in camelot

  • What show is in the 14:37

  • Evangelion Night/Gachadiction

  • this video is so good it literly took me many viewings to get all the refrences xD

  • Fegurson lol

  • I can't stop laughing at them.
    4:00 – Whickerman
    4:15 – Learn the bible, baby
    14:35 – Wow
    14:44 – I sawed myself in half
    21:33 – Murder
    22:30 – Eddie and Karna in nutshell

  • Waver = Whale for servants you want only
    Whaler with E— luck = Whaling does not guarantee 5 stars
    Tokiyomi = Spare ridiculous amount of money to spend so it's close to guarantee
    Kiritsugu = f2p rolling only 1 time at limited new banners, not the best servants but all servants a least

  • After Lost belt 1 It is confirmed that fgo is just Evangelion 2