[FFRK] Magicite Dark Odin | Fire Team (AUTO – SUB30) #1356


#FinalFantasy Record Keeper
#FFRK #Magicite | #DarkOdin
#Fire Team – sub30 AUTO
Time : 26.28s

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Difficulty : ???

Boss: Dark Odin

You Can see my team setup and stats in video.

Good luck!

Infos about Odin:

Target Score Boss:
1) Attack with an elemental weakness while the enemy is in its Elements Unbound phase.

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  1. Your team is so strong! My fire team only have 3 Awakenings(Terra, Bartz, Auron), 1 Sync(Locke) and the Chain in on one of the Awakening people(Auron)…
    I'm still trying to build my dark team to defeat Madeen now, then it's only the Dark Magicite left!


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