Final Fantasy XV biggest mysteries explained: A Tale of Love and Despair (FF15 story spoilers)


The grandaddy of all final fantasy xv theory videos is awaiting to blow your mind! It’s taken almost 3 months for the story of FF15 to be fully explained. Who Ardyn really is. Who Nadir is. The truth of the summons. Eos and Ifrit – A tale of Love and Despair. Why Nyx died in kingsglaive. Truth of Noctis and Lucis families power and a hella lot more.

If you have read this far without clocking this is a spoiler video for the story of the game, cutscenes, gameplay, kingsglaive movie and brotherhood then derp on you… 😛

Now I can’t look at the ending of FFXV and the final boss fight the same :,O

If you want any names of the ost soundtracks, theme or remix music in this video. Please ask in the comment section.

Bring on the Ardyn DLC! Now that would be a 30th anniversary treat!… as well as a ff7 remake trailer of course XD

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  1. Ardyn is Lucifer, the devil, kicked out of heaven by God for refusing to serve/bow to mortals…
    Noctis is Jesus, the king of kings, who must give his life to save the mortals…

  2. And here I thought “Pitioss” was the phrase “Pity Us” in disguise. Also, is it possible that the world of FFXV is the same world as every other FF game and each game takes place in different ages of the same world? Kind of a Wheel of Time kind of thing?

  3. Wait where did the raving about Izunia come from?? One moment we were talking about how the anagram of Ardyns name was actually a separate character and the next it's an absolutely phenomenal piece of characterisation that Ardyn took the name Izunia? I swear Izunia isnt even confirmed to be the name of a character yet, isnt it just theorised to be the name of his brother?

  4. Ifrit was Eos son…not lover…he was with Shiva.

    Ifrit tried to save his mother. Eos was Bahamut's wife, and Bahamut cursed the Caelum line because they were half human and weren't his.

    And I thought the Rock of Ravatogh was Eos wings and Ifrit's broken horn…not their bodies.

    As Eos body is still at the bottom of Pitioss. That's not a statue because it's shackled. It's just like Shiva's dead body that looks like a statue. That's just how a dead god body looks…like a statue. Eos body just didn't have its wings…'cause they're part of the Rock of Ravatogh.

    And Ifrit is STILL missin' his broken horn. Even when Ardyn fights him, and when Noctis fights him…he's STILL missin' that other horn. 'Cause it too is part of the Rock of Ravatogh.

  5. 3 years later but the reason square doesn't tell the whole story is because it's too large and beautiful for cutscenes. They do this by literally putting the player on rails. We see the story through the telescope that is the brotherhood's point of view. We never know more than they do. We finally have a glimpse of the full picture once we actually fly off the rails to get to piteoss. I think it's a gorgeous framing device and I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the story as much as I did without it. Also in that thread they claim you can actually see parts of eos and ifrit on the world map but I've never been able to see it

  6. Well, after Ardyn's episode, some of this doesn't make sense anymore, but so far so good this theory is intense and I still like it hahaha, but here is my theory after Ardyn's episode:

    Considering that Ardyn both heals and get damaged with dawn just like the Daemons, just like Nyx and just like Noctis while using the ring, makes me thing that maybe Eos was the start of the plague and that would explain why she was imprisoned in the Pitioss Ruins (Pity of Eos – which prove the point that she was infected, "hoo let us pity thee no more mortal of Eos").

    Giving birth to twins would cause her children to be at risk of being born with the infection. Ardyn, the healer just like his mother, was infected which is why he became Adagium (that and the fact that his brother, Somnus, was an as*hol*).
    In the Cosmology and in the paintings, I believe that the winged man is indeed Bahamut, but the crown king is Somnus, as Ardyn was already imprisoned on Angelguard.

    It's not much but I really believe, considering the ending of Ardyn's episode (I won't spoil) that Eos was the starting point of the plague and that she caused Daemons to appear and all the story of Final Fantasy XV (duh!). That Ardyn, was imprisoned just like his mother to prevent the plague from spreading, his mother died so the plague did not spread with her but only started with her children.
    Considering they did not kill Ardyn, or knew how, imprisonment was the only option. Somnus became the first king and was painted everywhere, while Ardyn was forgotten from history (thanks to Somnus I guess).

    As for the 13 Kings I still am trying to figure this one out hahahaha but your theory make sense so I'm good with that one hahaha

    Please tell me what you think I'm curious to see what is on your mind with this theory that's on my mind xD

  7. Think about how good this game could have been instead of this dumpster fire we got ff15 is the worst of the line

  8. The one thing I don't like about the ending because we tried to make the main character like Jesus which is bulshit in disrespectful

  9. I think nadir wasn't supposed to be referring to Ardyn. There is actually a word in the dictionary called "Nadir""
    (the lowest point in the fortunes of a person or organization.)

  10. After i watched the new episode ardyn anime episode,Ardyn did have a brother whose name was not izunia but its Somnus,and there was an oracle.

    Go watch it!Maybe itll add up to your theories👍

    Anws loved your vids man,hope ya do more!

  11. Thirteen is the number of rebirth and Noctis fulfilled his purpose as a Phoenix and rebirth and whatever the egg/cocoon thingy

  12. Im liking how all the deceased kings are the knights of the round!!

    PS: God this version of Shiva is fucking hott!!!

  13. Just beat the game glad I found this video! Now is there one of you doing a story-time by reading the reddit post for us 🙂

  14. I've heard that Ifrit built pitios. And he is the god of fire and passion, do you think an artist is going to make his work easy to understand? This is greek inspired and they considered good art to be incomprehensible.

  15. Damn you T^T the more I heard about FFXV story and lore the more tears drop from my very eyes..for cutting and cancelling half the story..but thanks for the great video and searching

  16. my mind is blown!! I love this. just gotta ask how is ifrit alive for the boss battle at the end? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. I just beat the game last night

  17. They could have solved the games two biggest flaws at the same time. Instead of having repetitive side-quests that were all just errands (find a monster and kill it or find an item and also a monster and kill it), they could have created side-quests that revealed small parts of this lore bits at a time for fans to gather. That way they'd still make it optional for fans and gamers to go a bit deeper and the mythology wouldn't be so subtle that it's missed by almost everyone.

  18. My theory on Izunia…
    Episode Ardyn ends in a flashback of Ardyn and Somnus as children, Somnus teases Ardyn by saying he can't just call his beloved childhood pet ferret Weasel. In classic Ardyn sassy fashion names it Izunia, Japanese word for Weasel.
    …. I actually think that would be neat.

  19. I would love to have more backstory added to FFXV all about Ardyn! That's something I would go crazy over haha! By the way…. This theory… Mind = Blown!!

  20. I do kind of understand where Ardyn is coming from, but at the same time, how was Noctis mean’t to know, haha, Noctis slays him like a dog, I love it.

  21. Personally, I don't believe that Ifrit and Eos are lovers. It is said, very specifically in the game that Shiva and Ifirit are in love. I do believe, however, that Ifrit was the only one among the Glacials who believed that Eos should not be imprisoned for merely getting pregnant with half-breed children. He has a belief in his morals and decided to take it upon himself to free Eos from the others no matter what and he built Pitios in order to show his story and struggles to the humans in case the Glacials hide or lie about the truth.


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