FLY TV – Sight Fly Fishing in the Alps 🇦🇹


What’s better than doing sight fly fishing for big brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout? Well, doing it in the crystal clear streams of the Austrian alps, of course.

In this episode, we’ll get to join Vision World Team member Jarkko Suominen as he meets up with professional fishing guide Jan Kubala who knows these streams as his own pocket. Except some breathtakingly beautiful views and crazy fishing action, they’ll also walk us through the keys and differences between French/Euro nymphing and long line nyphing, show us how to put together a leader + indicator setup and lots of other great tips on how to get out more from your nymph fly fishing.

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French, German, Polish and Russian subtitles available.

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  1. not necessary to keep the back of the fisherman in half of the picture all the time, I know what a human looks like.

  2. Very nice video! I'm from this area and I'm a filmmaker and photographer. Could you please give me the exact location? It looks amazing there

  3. Gey dude great Video you should go one time to Bosnia 🇧🇦 there is a clearwater river called RIBNIK in the same place RIBNIK it is about max. 1m deep you can see those Brownies Graylings and soo you can see trouts about 3kg they are 100% wild fishes you will get super Guides there and moore here is the Website

  4. Beautiful pictures, terrific landscape. But who choose that terrible music for the vid, so unnecessary! Who needs music all the time while watching this? Hopefully the cutter of that video did not get too much money for that.


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