Four of Swords in 3 Minutes


Four of Swords Upright: The taking a nap card! Retreat and regroup. Rest. Recovery. Refill the well and you will live to fight another day. Take the time to process information. Mull. Reflect. Withdraw. Get into your safe space. Sleep on a question. Meditation, prayer, allow the subconscious to do its work.

Four of Swords Best Course of Action: Stop! Rest! Sleep. Keep your own counsel. Wait for the answer, don’t chase the answer. Rest easy. Process possible actions by doing something not associated with the subject.

Four of Swords Reversed: Rousing oneself after a period of solitude or withdrawal to get back into action. A cautious, measured approach. Moving with deliberation and prudence.

Four of Swords Reversed Best Course: Don’t race back into the fray but do begin to move. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Quietly test a new idea. Don’t roll something out with a big to-do but stick your toe in the water of a new possible venture.


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  1. Sometimes I'll draw a clarification card because the previous card was an obvious truth I didn't like…. and I'll get Four of Swords reversed which is a snappy "WAKE UP" from some higher power.

  2. Very new to tarot. I have been studying like crazy and not shuffling cards too much but it's 2:31am and I asked how well will I sleep tonight. I started shuffling cards and this card fell face up. I thought sure, let's do this one! My feelings we're peaceful, guarded, and protected by angels. Finally searched YouTube for "4 of swords" and here I am. Excited for this new journey. Goodnight💛💫


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