Glowing Mushroom – Photoshop Fantasy Manipulation Tutorial


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how to make glowing Mushroom fantasy photo manipulation scene effects in photoshop cc 2018.
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  1. I am trying with to do this at Affinity photo and still going on for like 4hours already, what I meant to say is that it can be done but you have to pause and learn every damn steps..😂 great concept !

  2. Felicito tu talento, da gusto ver estos trabajos a nivel profesional, un buen maestro para seguir sus pasos. Saludos de Perú.

  3. Gonna try to create one like this now but i'm gonna put my daughter in there instead. As a gift for her birthday. =) thanks!

  4. Thank you very much for your inspiration, create this photograph by inspiring me in this edition of yours, I hope you like a hug and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  5. the tutorial would have been better if there's someone talking of what to do and what do click during the process…but the whole picture is amazing.

  6. Not even a single word will describe you as an artist wowwwwwww I felt myself sealing into completely different world , the real artist is not the one who knows how to use photoshop, no , the real artist is the one who have an imagination and can translated into reality,
    God bless your hands, I enjoyed every second watching this masterpiece , love from Canada ❤🇨🇦

  7. very good … please stop by my channel at to exchange imagination and concept of manipulation

  8. hello sir! i'm requesting that when you use any tool or any action you do while editing a photo i hope you just send a subtitle of using it or zooming the video so that it will be easy for the spectator to know what you were doing and what tool u were using. Thank you!


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