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How to format USB Storage using CMD

This video is about formatting usb storage using cmd.
1. Run cmd(command prompt) as Admin.
2. After opening type ” diskpart ” and press enter.
3. In diskpart type “list disk” and press enter.
4. Now select your desired volume by typing “select disk yourdisknumber”
for example – “select disk 1 “then press enter.
5. After selecting disk type -“clean” and press Enter and this will wipe all the data on your selected disk and disk becomes unallocated means assigned letter to drive is removed.
6. Now type – “create partition primary” and press Enter.
7. Now format it , for formatting fat32 use this “format fs=fat32 quick” and for NTFS use this
“format fs=NTFS quick” after selection press Enter.
8. done .
Note:- Just Type the word between the quotation marks. and select your disk carefully.
by- N.Jangid

Edited using -Sony vegas 13 pro.
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