How to Setup Microphone on Windows 10 & Test Mic! (Easy Method)


Do you want to know how to setup your mic on windows 10??? Setting up your microphone on windows 10 is easy! You can switch your output and input devices to use different speaker and mic combinations. Also, you can set specific output/input for individual applications. Furthermore, when it comes to listening to yourself speak in your headset with the mic. Windows 10 has a built in mic monitor, which allows you to adjust your mic. If your mic is to soft, you can go to the sound control panel and increase your microphone volume. So testing your mic and headset is very easy!

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  1. My headset microphone is already at 100 and its still quite. How can i fix this problem? Please help

  2. i plug in my Mic and it shows up and my headset is working fine but my Microphonr is not working at all i cannot talk to anyone and i cannot test it

  3. I have a wireless mic and I plugged in the receiver into the headphone jack, as I do not have a microphone jack. It is not working. Do I need a splitter to turn the outlet into a microphone jack?

  4. If your PC uses built-in mic instead of headset mic, search for Realtek Audio Console, and go to Device advanced settings. Under ANALOG, select Headset from the drop-down menu.

  5. Thank you! So now once your microphone is set up and it is working properly how can you get it to work for a podcast or voiceover, im confused

  6. my mic sounds good when i turn on the thing to hear myself but when i get in game i hear that my mic sucks or sounds like a robot and is to quiet and i can’t figure out why

  7. Hi I am hoping very much that you can please provide me with some answers. I have Windows 10, and Audacity programme. I have BM-100FX USB microphone plugged in for Recording and I have a Playback Headphone (also has a mic) For days and hours I have tried to go through all the troubleshooting options, changed all the Settings, Apps, Updated Driver etc etc. What I now notice is that when I try to go into Microphone Set Up Wizard, (To set up microphone) it will not "Configure" to the usb device mic.. When I try to change it to the microphone and press configure, it does not Stay on, it goes back to the headphones. (Which is not what I want to Record on) Thanks for reading into this issue.

  8. I did everything then when I get to press set up microphone it says, “the wizard could not start, make sure your audio is properly working and check your audio configuration in the audio devices and sound themes control panel,” help me please!!!

  9. Yeah for some reason it works for a few minutes and for some reason unconnects and I don’t really know what to do and no one can hear me talk


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