Itachi Funny Moments, Itachi AndIzumi Funny Moments, Itachi And Sasuke Funny Moments, Itachi Moments


Itachi Funny Moments, Itachi And Sasuke Funny Moments
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  1. Awwww itachi and sasuke are extremely cute and I hope Itachi not die so he can meet
    Sasuke's daughter named Sarada

  2. No one's commenting on the face Itachi makes at 1:36 😅😅…. He literally looks so Adorable trying hard not to ask for the dumplings 😅❤️ ❤️

  3. Itachi and sasuke so cute and when sasuke is just like itachi when he's a genin its so i love it😂🤣💗

  4. Itachi is so cool! I can tell why all the girls overhype every single movement of his as if it was a miracle X3

  5. Itachi accually cares alot about people because he knew that izumi loved him so as she got killed(she needed to die) itachi put her under a tsukuyomi that lasted 1 second but seemed like 100 years for izumi and in the genjutsu she sees that itachi marries her and they live happily ever after and dies so sad but very thoughtfull too

  6. And what have we learned in this lessen. never hold a baby that's going to cry and push u away. I called this a savage baby sauske moment well to me


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