My Flame Swordsman Yugioh Deck Profile for March 2020


Hope you all enjoy the video!
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  1. Instant fusion is limited now…. what would be a good substitute? one more set of flame manipulator and masaki? fusion reserve recovery? Karbonala might not work now also

  2. Hey,Kiratwig! Can you do an Stardust deck which focuses on the Synchro Monster Stardust Dragon,please? I’ve almost finished with that deck already & I’m still missing a few cards related to Stardust Dragon.

  3. 0:30 yes, in the original Japanese anime, Flame Swordsman was a normal monster. I have no idea why Konami decided that it was too powerful of a monster that it needed to be changed to a fusion monster, but whatever.

  4. I have a hard time build a yuigoh deck and would like to ask if you do a Kabia deck or Yugi deck I want to choose which one is for me

  5. Why three different kaijus? Why not just three gammas, as against mirage knight it makes no difference, plus gamma is the worst. Also, this deck took a hit after losing the two instant fusions. I ended up making the following changes, but bear in mind I only did this to fit my playstyle; I changed kaijus and use two gammas, just because I find that more helpful, I took out one summoners art and added a beast King of the swamps, because I didn't like drawing into a summoners art while I had a magician, so alternatively I would also consider dropping a magician and keeping the summoners art, but I like high monster counts and it really doesn't make a difference. Since instant got limited, I added an extra masaki and manipulator, and also dropped a Kaiju on favor of a third king of swamp. That's all I've done for now, we'll see what happens after more playtesting, but I do have a question for anyone in the know. Assuming I were to throw in an eye of timias or fang if critias, are king and beast King target options? Like, could I use critias on beast King and substitute beast king for mirror force or tyrant wing? If anyone knows, I would appreciate the help. Another question, why run a terraforming instead of a third field spell? I've always done this, because I see people online do it, but wouldn't a third field be more helpful? What happens if you have miraculously gone through your two fields and draw the terraforming? I would rather draw into a third field, and ultimately don't they have the same result? I'm sure there's a good reason, but again, I'd appreciate some clarification. As far as the deck, right now my biggest issue is setting up a win condition. Mirage knight is a one turn use, and a lot of the boss monsters have pretty low attack. Let's say we've gone late game, my hands the field spell and a poly, a situation I seem to find myself in a lot oddly enough, and I've used knightmare Cerberus. They have a five headed dragon, and my field is a flame swordsman and maybe a duelittle chimera. I have nothing to destroy him. No effects, no battle strength, no cheesing a direct attack. He's just a kind of weak boss monster, and I run out of material for holding off their combos way too fast.

  6. Scapegoat would have been nice for that link climb. Especially since you can go into a link spider then possibly summon one of the fusion materials. Also I would play mud dragon and one super poly since it has a good amount of synergy with your own cards and you can occasionally use an opponents monster to make one of the other fusions you have

  7. Dark flare knight is a cool card, but only to watch, not to summon it in a duel, it wont do you any good unfortunately. but nice video, i like it.


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