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My TANK FIZZ Tech is JUST TOO BROKEN! 😱 | Voyboy

After our last video, it’s no secret Voy likes to turn every champion into a tank, but Fizz!? 😳 This fishy fish is getting the top lane treatment and turning into the tankiest mid lane assassin this Rift has ever seen! Watch Voy style on the enemies with this new Fizz build that might just turn into the new meta. 🤔

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ART BY: dami.exe

Let Me Know – w/ u – BR/VE x Mark Arkinson
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  • Unbelievable, ur a god


  • Vooby is the genius of the millennia

  • I have ask why u max w first?

  • R KR K

    Author Reply

    I’m a fizz one trick give me advice how to get out of high gold low plat please! 😀

  • C

  • I will try to do what you said about the itemization seems like a big brain idea
    iq points 41

  • I've been watching some of this game on my feed recently. Might download it and give it a try. Your videos seem more on the educational side of the game so I'll be sure to binge your eps in if I do play. Looks fun asf but the team fights look really confusing. No idea what's going on.

  • Bro ur videos are so fucking entertaining go on

  • The song of 4:30? Plzzz, i forgot the name

  • TahTah

    Author Reply

    apparently one single defensive item makes you "tank"

  • Why did people dislike the one? Haha

  • You did not build tanky at all.

  • Voyboy god dang, also Voyboy let’s fucking go

  • #geniusgang

  • 20/5/8!!!Not 20/6/8

  • Voyboy: itemasation that's based on your champion and the enemy team
    Also voy: M A L L E T T E C H

  • MorisMoris

    Author Reply

    4:31 can we pause here for a second just to appreciate that lee sin kick

  • I remember the days of fizz and ekko tank tops. Ugh

  • This genius build and gameplay made me a subscriber Voy. Esketittt

  • He hyped it up, even though they werent actually losing

  • I love hype voy!

  • It's funny because I've only seen a few members of the LOL community talk about the importance itemization. You see a lot of people and even pros tunnel on the same build every game and could probably increase their chances of winning pretty drastically if they use the persepctive Voy uses. Such a fundamental part of the game that is actually pretty overlooked.

  • That Lee destroyed that game