Red Alert 4: Battlefield (Intro Remake)


The remake of the iconic strategy game Red Alert 2’s intro in glorious 1080p 60fps using EA/DICE’s Battlefield 4, one of the most beautiful games available.


Thanks to the [REC] Filming platoon, HattiWatti for creating the filming tool, AmbientFlush for the thumbnail/logo, LevelBF and Trinity games for the filming server and teamspeak server and of course Westwood studios for creating Red Alert 2 & DICE for Battlefield 4.

Any of this would’ve been impossible especially without the help of Terra-Immortal from REC producing the recording sessions, Ambient flush for the designs and of course THE PLAYERS aka everyone from DeltaForce 8v8 team to LevelBF’s own Timberwolves & Tactical Technicians 32v32 teams that helped us with many of the larger scenes you see here.
I’m MiloshTheMedic and i’ll see you on the Battlefield.


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  1. Странный ролик, ни о чём. Ни сюжета, ни смысла – все стреляют, всё взрывается.
    Разве фишка любой игры серии C&C (не будем вспоминать такое редкостное дерьмо как Generals) как раз не в сюжете?

  2. Are you sure about this?
    battlefield 4 + red alert 2 yuri's revenge intro =red alert 4 battlefield?
    Not cool bro you need to stop!
    For real!

  3. If you are interested in red alert 2 Yuri's revenge game I make maps and missions for fun that you can play it online with your friends, join me to see the new modes and maps.

  4. make Red alert once it was – like red Alert 2 but way much better graphic. more tanks and different defence like other type of Tesla coil feks. the reason that no less people play it`s because it not work in newer type of windows and nothing new is out that we can play anymore. fiks the "Red Alert world". Best game ever! Played it since i was 10 years and now im 32, but i`m playing Red Aler Aftermath from; 🙂 From guy in Norway 🙂 Peace Out

  5. Это не официально это просто видео настоящи выпустят если стратегии станут популярными а так увы нет

  6. Что-то тут "Красной угрозой" и не пахнет. По моему это дешёвый способ выдать нарезку из других компьютерных игр за новую часть многим полюбившейся игры. Причём радар слизали тупо из второй части заменив цифру 2 на 4. Эх вы! Нельзя же так обманывать людей и накручивать на них себе рейтинг по просмотрам и значкам нравится/не нравится.

  7. please fk urself clickbaiter. Even though it does say INTRO REMAKE. u gotta make it EASIER to read. Introduction VIDEO Remake

  8. Губу раскотали, не будет четвёртой части некогда. У меня во дворе уже 2018 год!!!

  9. Would love it if they one time listen to there players and buyers of there game who made it big It was us, and still playing it today, but new PC and system are making harder to keep playing,. And a new game never came only red alert 3, Wich was to much grazy shit, never played it,. Please make a remasterd red alert 2, with more mod options, good bombers, ships, tanks, rockter launchers, nukes, hydrogen bombs, just good old big war in stunning 4K or full HD we don't ask more !!!! Please give us and or childeren who also want to play this game. Our game back rebuild it and enjoy next 20 years good sales from 1 game.

  10. I know Chinese and the sentence written in chinese at 3:13 is actually wrong, the translation became 'Photography, this area, prohibited.' It became three terms of different meanings and not a sentence. (My English is bad because I am Chinese…)

  11. A shame, a disgrace that battlefield battles are 3vs 3 and its not massive like red alert or planetside. I hope future battlefields will be with more people like 1000 vs 1000 like planetside and like a real battle in a real war.

  12. жаль 95% снарядов летевших в ландшафт за полметра от цели пропадают в другое измерение, не нанося повреждений ни зданиям, ни дорогам, ни рельефу. Особенно на кадрах в городе заметно.


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