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Reset Windows 8 /8.1 Password: How to Reset – Recover Forgotten Windows Password [Tutorial]

Reset Windows 8 /8.1 Password: How to Reset – Recover Forgotten Windows Password.


Nowadays, everyone is using multiple numbers of digital devices every day and have all kinds of accounts in online services and social network websites. Your brain will be cluttered with tons of passwords at a time and it is presumable that once in a while you may forget admin password of Windows 8 PC or laptop. While, forgetting the password may not be the issue but the main trouble is that you won’t be able to access any of the information stored on the computer without entering the right password.

So, it is totally predictable that all the contents on your computer or laptop are automatically lost if you don’t remember your password, which makes it really hard for everyone since your laptop or computer contains all the private and confidential data that you can’t afford to lose. Moreover, the precious and memorable collection of pictures, music and videos are gone forever. On the other hand, if you use your computer to store your official and legal documents then it could be a real trouble since you may need them on a daily basis to keep your life up to date.

So, how to reset Windows 8 Password if forgot then? Glad you asked, because we have come up with solutions that we will demonstrate in this tutorial so that you can reset Windows 8/8.1 password in the most convenient way.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 8 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).

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  • this really works, i finally have my pc back again!!

  • Now .. to open the CMD its asking for the admin password🤒

  • Excellent….thank you very much

  • Thank you so much. That worked a treat.

  • After entering the CMD commands, I have no option to exit and continue? Just "troubleshoot" and "turn off PC"

  • Confirmed this works!!!! Thank you very much!

    Something to note though, you have to be quick to access the command prompt at the login screen, otherwise Windows Defender will detect the new utilman.exe file and automatically quarantine it. The first time I tried this, the ease of access button didnt launch the command prompt. When I went back in to copy cmd.exe to be utilman.exe again, I noticed that the file was missing. My second attempt worked and after shortly logging in, I noticed a Defender notification come up indicating a file had been automatically removed. Looking at the logs of Defender revealed it had detected the copied file and removed it.

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  • Thank u very very much u r the best this video saved 200 dollars

  • I’m gonna try it, right now, if it works I ll make a donation contribution to your channel…. here I go !

  • Thanks mate! Had lot of doubts on this working but was simply easy and worked like a charm!

  • When ever I boot with usb it just restarts the laptop pls help 🙏

  • Mygawd love the intro!! xD

  • They stil need peassword to sign in to cmd….can anyone solved my problem?

  • Not working bro , command prompt asking for password 😒

  • I forgot password 🥺

  • Amazing… Thank you so much sir. That's work perfectly…

  • Dude it wont let me go in

  • Thank You!!! I almost cried because my files are in the admin. Thank you so much, i will be able to save my memories ❤️

  • You are a saviour bro!
    Thank you so much!
    I highly recommend to watch your tutorial.!!!

  • Hi @MDTechVideos pls help
    Everything was ok until
    C:windowssystem32>ren utilman.exe utilman_bak.exe
    The system cannot find the file specified

    !! Pls help

  • Well i want to reset my laptop cause when I go to desktop i cant do anything and some Icons are missing and after a minute the screen freezes

  • thanks man..!!! u saved my life… 🤓🤓

  • Thanks so much saved my bacon cheers mate

  • i did not see the continue option only troubleshoot and power off option can you help me.

  • we have to use window cd or not??

  • Hey!As I type userpassword2,i do not get a pop up box of reset password.Neither do I get any other message

  • Sometimes windows is not in "c:" . So try using "d:" , "e:" , "f:" ,, and so on and type dir to get contents of the directory to see if "windows" directory is there .

  • You'r f**king awesome man, thanks a lot

  • This was exactly what I needed to get into my old computer!!!

  • Its working thank you so much 👍