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Reset Windows 8 , 8.1 Password – How to Reset /Recover Forgotten Windows Password

Reset Windows 8, 8.1 Password- How to reset Windows 8, 8.1 Forgotten Password using cmd. This fix also applies to Windows 7.
This is the easy and quick method to reset windows password.

You will need windows DVD or bootable flash drive having windows 8, 8.1.
If you don’t have windows DVD then download windows 8 trial version from Microsoft website, and create a bootable flash drive.

To reset windows 8 password without disk and other options Read here in details –

Get Amazon Fire TV Stick at low price –

Watch this video to create bootable Flash Drive

OR Read it Here –

Nguồn: https://huongphonghococresort.com/

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  • I was using pen drive as bootable device. But its not working after the command set up…

  • i copied file through CMD but after i turned the computer on CMD didnt open at my end when i clicked the icon by the wifi… what should be the solution here

  • You saved my day

  • IvanIvan

    Author Reply

    Man, thanks for this, it helped me a lot. In my case, after the command "control userpasswords2", the option "Reset Password" was grayed out. However, I was able to select the user and click "Remove", inserting the fake password I've set with your commands. Then, rebooted and I was ready to go (lost all the files, but they were already backed up).

  • thanks

  • Thanks mate

  • Thanks still working for newest window 10 in may 2020

  • I shut down the computer when I was doing the step at 2:28… Now it doesn't turn on!! Help pls

  • I was go back to my Windows 7 =))))

  • Its working for me…
    Tip: When you type 'cd windows' the CMD prompt may show!! 'the system cannot find path specified' !!
    ,but don't worry ,it may be due to the name of disk part you entered (ie ' C: ' in this case ) so try other letters like B:,D:,G: ….. for me G: was the disk part …. Then follow his instructions till end

  • Hi @sandeepsingh pls help
    Everything was ok until
    C:windowssystem32>ren utilman.exe utilman_bak.exe
    The system cannot find the file specified

    !! Pls help

  • Nice soundtrack. Can you post link for full soundtrack? Thanks 🙂

  • Thank you, it worked 👍👍👍

  • Great video… although I could not reset the password for the Admin..(reset password was grayed out) So I made one of the other accounts that was NOT an admin .. an admin.. solved all my problems.. just click on their name that ISN'T an admin and then properties and you have the option to give them admin rights.. 🙂 if you only have one account.. I think there is a way to add an account through the CMD prompt.. I forget the commands… but you can find them pretty easily…… as I could not get into the actual admin's account.. I can go and get rid of all the BS software in the sys which was my main goal to start with…. thanks again video was great help..!! there are a bunch of videos out there where the idiots do NOT tell you that you have to have Admin rights to start with for their way to work.. pisses me off .. wasted a lot of time looking ..

  • Thank you so much

  • Will it erase my data

  • It works like pro

  • Please reply me as fast as you can

  • Will my documents be erased when I do this procedure

  • followed all your steps everything worked fine till i got to the user account window i highlighted the admin account which i needs the password reset but it says I can not reset the password for that account

  • Thanks man great work, Thanks alot

  • I started to follow up ur commands, but "cd windows" is not working!!!
    It is mentioned that
    The system cannot find the path specified!!!