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RHYME SO – Fashion Blogger (Official Music Video)

RHYME SO are RHYME & Shinichi Osawa
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Starring: RHYME, MILK

Shinichi Osawa
Michelle Michaelson, Senko

ーRival Skaters
Anastasiya Galustyan, Yulia Shur, Nana Blank, ARISAK, Mika Kubota, Kumiko Maeda, Satsuki Yoshinaga, Alice Joroe, Labiannajoroe, Lyra-h.Grail

Junior Berenguer, Jet Axel, Gaku Sano, Mari Azuma, Chris Nodeisha, Nataliya Loboda

ーBody Double
Anastasiya Galustyan

Director: Masashi Muto
Story: Masashi Muto, Nao Koseki

Creative Director, A&R: Nao Koseki
Artist Management: Toshimi Hatakeyama

Producer: Yusuke Horio
Production Manager: Issei Hatanaka

Director of Photography: Masashi Muto
Gaffer: Masao Kato
Drone: Kazuki Tanaka
Decorator: Ai Chikui
Production Designer: Shinichi Mitsuzawa
1st AD: Reggie White

<RHYME and the Cast>
Stylist: babymix
Make-up: MICHIRU (3rd)
Hair: Katsuyoshi Hayashi (JILL)

Hair & Make-up: herself

Choreography by MILK, RHYME, Andrei Antontov

MILK @Qmanagement NY

Editor:Fumitomo Kobayashi
Compositor:Manami Kishi
Colorist:Shigeyuki Toriumi
Sound Designer:Tatsuya Komatsu

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  • I try to respect all music but god, allow me to say this is just garbage pls

  • Ok the visuals are great but the song……..😐😐😐

  • Milk is disgusting. What a contrast from the amazingly beautiful Rhyme, which creates straight men.

  • the visauls were amzing but the song isnt for me sorry gurl

  • I am a figure skater and i do crazy make up… but i wish it was like this but too much is considered illegal for guys and girls to dress and look like that… this is so cool… and work those solders bitch… i wanna ask if you actually skate… ik Milk does but the techniques in the video were spot-on… great video and the music is a bop.

  • Sensitive youtubers felt that when she said "likes and dislikes".

  • I just shared…. So dope

  • What happened to her leg and dairy look video she used to do ?????

  • 2:56 👌👏👏👏🏆

  • Put various parts of this music on Tiktok please

  • Im in love with you❤

  • とっても幻想的でかわいくておしゃれ

  • I love the concept of ice skating

  • Your so Pretty I like your outfit I wish I had that beautiful white outfit💗❤😘😊


    Author Reply

    If Gaga and Ariana Grande had a baby…..


    Author Reply

    Fabulous. I want more songs and videos.

  • why the fuck do people like this

  • i need bleach…….. to wash clothing not to put in my eyes or anything why would u think that 😉


  • the visuals are amazing !! just kinda wish the song was a bit . . . more?

  • The skating is so cool. Is it just me or does the song just feel kinda…dead? Social media is bad, I get it, blahblabla