Software Sunday EP14: Make Fake Flash Media Usable With BOOTICE


In this installment of Software Sunday we are going to look at a way to set a fake micro SD cards back to their actual capacity. This method can be applied to nearly any other flash storage medium including flash drives and full size SD cards. We will be doing this via partitioning, this method does not modify the medium’s firmware. Via BOOTICE we can set a partition to the drives actual capacity and mark the rest of the “fake capacity” as hidden.

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  1. Thank you, Sir. This was very useful. Turns out that my '256GB' card was 15.3. I set it to 14 just to be on the safe side.

  2. If it says: WRITE FILE FAILED ACCESS DENIED ,then open CMD and write in the following command lines:
    list disk
    then figure out which is the fake data storage's number what you want to downsize from the listed disks and then type in the following command line:
    select disk 1 (the number is the fake data storage's number so maybe it will be different in your case)
    list disk ( if you want to make sure if it's selected, the selected disk will be marked with *, this step is not necessary)
    clean Make sure that you've selected the right disk, and that there is no data on the storage device because this command will delete everything from the disk, it will even delete the partition from it (this is why this method works while formatting the drive is not)(you don't have to write anything after the word "clean", just simply type in clean and hit enter)
    After that follow the steps shown in this video.

  3. THANK YOU!!!! I bought a "128GB microSD card" It was actually a 32 gb but yeah thanks i was trying to look for a video or article like this and i finally found one.

  4. So there is always a few MB bad? What if the files written on these few MB? Then is it screwed? How can we have no MB errors?

  5. Thanks bought 256 GB samsung Select, Ran H2test came out to be only 15.9 GB. Though got refund from seller without return so used this to settle it with 16gb(actual 14.6Gb) Flash Card. I guess thats my compensation.:)

  6. Help! h2test said 7.7gb okay. Is that the old measurement or the new measurement? Is it rounded or exact?

  7. There is no fixing the fake one's i bought. The only actual usable space on them is 100MB. That's pretty damn pathetic!

  8. I have a 64gb flash drive and i copied some files on it and i came other day and it just wouldnt mount it only shows in device manager and diskpart says its no media 0b

  9. Gparted. Spinrite. If you can't repair it at least make the available space useable with that software the device is garbage.

  10. H2testw shows that my "128 GB" flash stick has "0 KByte OK (0 sectors)" Does that mean it's so faked that there's actually no single MB for data?

  11. The fact there is a high chance of even a single bit being lost while using this method means this should be a no-go for anyone! Period.

  12. If you're on linux you can use GPARTED to rewrite it's partition table to fix it. Note to use ms-dos Partition tables instead of GPT or else you wont be able to use it in windows 8 and below.


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