The Best Defender in FIFA Mobile 20! 100 OVR Opara Review!


Our defensive lineup has been completed with the new TOTSSF Opara!

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My Setup:

FaceCam Cannon C920 Camera:
Mic: Blue Yeti Microphone
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. Stopd your so good i am folowing you since i am 92 ovr now am 102 sow thinks for wath your doing for the FIFA mobil comunity

  2. It's been a while I stopped by…I miss your energy…and your subscribers increased…416k🔥🔥🔥…this is large scale bro…,keep up the energy🔥🔥🤞❤🤞

  3. stopde sir this is my team in fifa mobile 116 ovr is it good gk Henderson 95 lb Robertson 95 cb cannavaro 95 cb nacho 96 rb odriozola 93 lm guedes 93 cm vieira 90 cm Henderson 92 rm gnabry 95 st aubameyang 96 harvetz 96 please tell

  4. Need one player for our league.
    128 overall is most welcome. League fame 45000 with perks 200 per win ranked 1200. hmu if interested.


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