Tobias Fate RESPONDING TO THE REDDIT HATE | League of Legends


Highquality roast + OP GAMEPLAY by the THICCBOII TOBIAS fate the minecraft mate
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This video is a fair use content and its not against any rules of youtube , but if u still angry withsomething in this video contact me and i will take it down for u.or i can give u credits Be nice..
using a vod , from twitch is a fairuse of their rules if u read their rules, but if u think i damage ur content contact me.(i have permession to use tobias vods from his editor)

#replay #highlights #tobias
what is that meme? its a funny dank memes its a meme but dank one which i realy like
lets just focus about tobias fate him self the best gp in world best gp 2017 xd.
who is tobias fate ? he is a pro streamer streams on and he is known for his pro plays as gangplank as he is the best gangplank in the world ATM – he is also known for his twisted fate skills and he also plays Karthus as well and does well k.
its family friendly af


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  1. btw the game that tobias inted in, was so lost so he just ran it down mid IT WAS FKING LOST ALL FEEDING so he just went down mid ..

  2. tobias is pathetic. Even if the game is lost play it till it ends, no need to ruin everyones fun by running it down mid, then changing your twitch to feedbias int and deleteing all the vods. Tobias is a sad washed up hard stuck d3 player thats salty and cant handle the pressure and criticism of being an online personality

  3. Wow lost a lot of respect for Tobias, it doesn't matter if it's an online game you're literally ruining it for your 4 teammates

  4. The dude has the highest ups and downs I've ever seen. He literally has to have some one de ranking his account or something. Just look at his win rates. Top 3 Champs he actually plays he has insane win rates. Below that he's fucking sub 30%. Look at his Ivern 28%. Just saying I've never seen an account like this lmao. He has some bi polar issues or something. Gp or tf gets banned he literally just ints. Defend him all you want he still ruins games for others so he's a scum bag.

  5. Honestly have whole bunch of respect now for Tobias. He doesn't try to suck up to anyone. It's honestly crazy how much witch hunting has become the only use for Reddit these days. Not informative posts or Talks about the meta games. It's trolling and shit jokes until someone breaks a rule or two then they jerk off about how unfair it is and how said rule breaker must be punished.

  6. I watched Tobias, but srsly? This just sucks. If you are fcking tilt or whatever after 5 min ingame. Then JUST GO AFK. Why are you people making it even worse for your team? Idc about Reddit or whatever. You got a huge fanbase.. It's just so sad to watch this. I never expected that from him.

    I have the feeling that people in his queue start to do the same, just to ruin it for him.

    Int is int. It's not a excuse how bad or lost the round is. Don't be a fcking jerk. We got enough dickheads in this game.

    Sorry, my english is not the best.

  7. I like how people are trying to justify him feeding intentionally just because he thinks the game is lost when its only been like 5 mins.

  8. … reddit's gotta be the most autistic thing ever created by humanity legit , especially league's reddit, some retards show off their big plays from cancer V or some others are 12 years old with seviere autism and they think they are the justice warriors of this game, some other useless trashes take it to the next level of cancer to being fanatic for pro lcs teams, lcs sucks it sucks it sucks , it fucking sucks, casters spank eachother's butt, they promate kindness to a community that is filled with bunch of retards and dickheads , they promate cancer metas for the game itself, they pro players are clueless dumb kids that dont even know how to interview , and they take cringe to the next level . but all this sht is riot's fault OFC! 0 fucks given by riot ->0 fucks taken from us too , lets keep up the cancer. ty

  9. I like tobito but I hate that he thinks he ist the MVP of the world for example his anti ghost map no one ghosts in lol BRUH or thresh does everything he does nothing except one auto and says he does it all :/


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