Traveling from Bangkok to Saigon, Vietnam


I decided to go to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam for a few weeks, with a main mission to eat, and to make a video about some of the top things to do in the city. Here’s my first travel vlog, traveling from Bangkok to Saigon, Vietnam.

After eating a delicious lunch cooked by my mother in-law, we then caught a taxi to Don Muang Airport, which is Bangkok’s second, smaller airport that deals mainly with budget airlines. We flew with Air Asia this time, and our flight was just under $70 for a one way ticket to Saigon. The flight didn’t take long, and soon we got off the plane in Saigon, ready to explore. Our first step of the journey was to catch a taxi to our hotel. But before leaving the airplane, I withdrew some money from an ATM, located near the luggage claim. So if you need to pull some money right away, there is a Citibank ATM at the Saigon airport.

Make sure you take a legit taxi when you arrive in Saigon. From what I heard, there are many fake taxis and many rip off taxis, but I didn’t have a problem. I just chose one of the reputable companies, and then followed our route on my phone GPS, and I think it was alright – I think our bill came to about the normal price for taking a taxi in Saigon from the airport. Our first hotel in Saigon was at Bizu Hotel, located in the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao street. I would say that the hotel was alright, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the area – I’m not a big fan of main backpacker streets. Anyway, we stayed here for the first few days of our time in Saigon, since we had pre-booked, and then we moved to a different hotel called LeBlanc Saigon, which I would highly recommend, and you’ll be seeing more of it in future Vietnam vlogs coming soon.

After checking into our hotel in Saigon, we got ready to walk around. Immediately as you start walking around in Vietnam, you’ll notice the sheer quantity of motorbike scooters that dominate the roads. It’s almost ridiculous how many bikes there are and crossing the street you just have to start going, and all the motorbikes will weave around you. We first walked through one of the central parks in Saigon, and then continued walking and walked through the famous Ben Thanh market. The market was just about closing when we walked through, so we continued walking, but we all began getting really hungry.

Since we were so hungry, and since I hadn’t had time yet to research and write down all the restaurants in Saigon that you recommended to me when I asked in a different video (but many video of your suggestions coming soon), we just stopped in at the nearest restaurant we could find, called Xoi Ga Number One, or number one sticky rice and chicken. I really didn’t know all that I was ordering, but we ended up ordering a mixture of different Vietnamese foods, some of which I had tried before and others I had no idea what they were. The food was quite good, and since we were hungry it really hit the spot.

Our first day, traveling from Bangkok to Saigon, Vietnam, was a great day. The flight went smoothly, we got checked into our hotel, and we walked around just a little bit, before finding a restaurant for dinner. Everything went well, and many more food adventures in Saigon coming soon!

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  1. The company produces ultra-clean sugarcane presses at low prices in Ho Chi Minh City

  2. Thank you very much for the video Mark.

  3. I loved that market. The second time we lived there in mid 60's Americans were there. And prices for us went up horribly because of our G.I.'s! What happen I saw in that market. A lady told the G.I. the price and he said, "oh, no! That's not enough!" And he gave her three or four times what she asked! Well, Vietnamese aren't stupid, so the prices went up for any one looking like me. Unless, you were French. So, I'd go with my French girlfriend, Catherene DeMassiac. I didn't spell that correctly I'm sure. Her Father had a rubber plantation and some one kicked him out. The V.C. would hide in there and kill our guys. They just waiting in Saigon in case the V.C. took over the city so they could go back. I never heard from her after we left. 🙁 But when I'd go with her I'd let her speak and I'd get a discount. 🙂 By the way Mark. At that time the American's made a saying. If something was wonderful it was called, "number one." Not so wonderful, "number 10." And if it was REALLY terrible. . "number ten thousand." The G.I.'s created those saying and the Vietnamese caught on quick. It warmed my heart to see the name of this place. Thank you so much. Even if this was four years ago it means a lot to me. I keep hoping I'll see one of my friends. . . They all had to go in the military after we left. My Mother had paid off the local officials while we were there to keep, "my boys," out of the service. Five of them. But she couldn't keep doing it of course after we left. My Vietnamese boyfriend became a Sargent and sent me a picture. But after a time, I didn't hear from any of them and then Saigon fell. 🙁 Songs

  4. Hi Mark Wiens. Your food tour in Vietnam was interesting. But why did not you come to Hue city? You didn't know or there no any recommendations for you? There are, I mean Hue city, many delicious and special foods that you just cannot image. You should come there, trust me, you should.

  5. Mark that egg roll you just ate  is call net seafood egg roll, the skin is made like a spider web call banh trand re.

  6. U eat like a Thai who always dipping ridiculous amount of whatever sauce u have. How can u really tell whether the food is delicious or the sauce!? It totally ruins the real taste of food that the chefs work so hard presenting it. It is funny to see Thais pumping ketchup as much as a bowl of soup in KFC for fried chickens. You are not making your blog for Thais. So please be more civilized about food tasting. Thank you bro!

  7. that's almost the first thing most locals tell me to do, take the official taxis LOL
    the other taxis have meters that runs like a stopwatch!
    btw, i don't really eat a lot of local food there (i travel there for work once every 2-3 months), but i like their baguette

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  9. Hi Mark (and fans there of),
    I love your Vlogs, especially Vietnam. I will be traveling to Ho Chi Minh City in June, and taking much of your advice. One bit of help I would like from anyone on this page would be recommendations of a $30 or so hotel in District 1. my main concern would be room security. I don't want to have to carry all of my stuff with me every day. I have lived in Bangkok for a few years, and know that nothing is 100%, but if there is a general consus of one place being safer than another, I would take it.
    Thanks for your help,


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