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TRIP REPORT | Vietnam Airlines (ECONOMY) | Bangkok – Hanoi | Airbus A321

Airline: Vietnam Airlines
Flight: VN610
Aircraft: VN-A614
From: Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
To: Noi Bai International Airport (HANN)
Flight Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
My seat: 34A

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  • How much roundtrip plenfare???

  • Bangkok – Hanoi cheap air fare plz tell me.

  • Great Trip Report. that Meal looks so good. and also why does VN don't have personal IFE?

  • R BtR Bt

    Author Reply

    Tell me all about the name that is difficult to say, it has given me the day I was born
    One day I'll come to you, to say Xin chào Việt nam

  • I’m really in love with VN’s shade of blue! I hope I get to fly one someday. Sad that you lost the take off video but that landing was still pretty epic. Hope to visit Vietnam soon! ☺️

  • Nice trip report. Are you based in Vietnam?

  • it's rare to see most of the crews are male. Hot meal look so yummy, and still hoping to flying with Vietnam Airlines oneday. Great trip report as always.

  • 2:56 love to see all those tails! It reminded me of my most memorable flight to date with EVA Air.

  • As always a very lovely report from you! Can't say anyting more as "keep doing" 🙂

  • Very nice! Just like on your other flight, the food looks very good! The seat looks pretty nice as well. Sorry for not being active lately. Hope you had a wonderful time in BKK, please visit again one day! 😉

  • Hi

  • Amazing, loved the camera work.

    Sorry, I only got my notification right now (youtube is doing it with a few channels that I subbed to)

  • Just amazing to see this flight, i also like this airport and meal are looking so yummy

  • Really smooth landing, right?As always an excellent job. I like it

  • Really good video. I really enjoyed it and didn't even miss the takeoff. These things happen

  • Great

  • Nice report even if there is no take off video here. It looks like Vietnam Airlines takes good care of the passengers with the food. That's a nice meal for a short flight. How did the chicken option look?

  • Nice video as always!

  • Another good video. Since IFE not available, did they provide reading material or newspaper?

  • Nice report