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"Why is Merlin So Good?" Ft. Manpig [Fate/Grand Order NA] | Chaldea Gurus (CG)

Why is he so good? Here’s why!

ALSO, check out Manpig’s Merlin vid over on his channel!:

Manpig Channel

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The Voice of Saint Quartz


For providing their voices. Seriously, you all are great friends and wonderful people!

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Chaldea Gurus
Lily Aquila

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  • Just to clarify Merlin's first skill, you only get 20% NP gauge upon activation of the skill. You don't get it every turn. Wanted to clarify the wording a bit for those who may be listeners only. There is an on screen graphic that states it only gives 20% but, again, did not want to let that linger too long.

    Sorry for the possible confusion and thanks for watching!

  • merlin -( mama raikou or Jalter or King Gilgamesh or King Hassan) – merlin is my fave set up… hahaha…. I just love to see those massive damage output…

  • 6:24 bro illiya has this skill too
    but due to quite low np gen it just made illiya normal np gain so many people forgot her passive exist lol

  • @chaldea gurus I know this is an old af video but wtf with the poor explainations during the vids

  • Hero Creation EX = "I make free dicks"

  • It's 2019. Merlin is still relevant. Skadi and Waver are for farming, but Merlin's who you STILL bring for CQs.

  • I want kirei as caster

  • Eh I'll just stick with Waver

  • I'm only here because I just got him 🙂

  • I got him on a 10 roll and I'm free to play, then I pulled Lancer Artoria Alter on one roll!

  • Drops knife into the floor


  • When i was fighting Gorgon for the first time , used support Merlin , Mash n Hercules . Spammed Merlin n Mash's np n Herc's np . The raito of np was 7:3 .

  • I made fun of Merlin on a stream chat, saying he collected ancient Mesapotamian Dildos for personal use, so he cursed me. I tried to make up to him, and he seemed to not hate me, but guess what? HE DIDN'T REMOVE THE BLOODY CURSE AND I WASTED MY FREE 30 SQ!

  • Because I'm fucking cool

  • Well, Merlin is Merlin. That's what makes him so BUSTE(r)D.

  • Who is the Servant at 9:21?

  • Is 2 merlin drops in 4 x10 rolls any good? Just started the game over the Christmas break. I got him the 1st and 4th x10 roll.

  • I didnt pull merlin after my first try of 10x's… hopefully by rubbing salt on the wound I can get merlin in a few more tries

  • Ive rolled for him and gained him on the first roll in the first card summon… i was planing summoning him sice ive started ftgo. 😀

  • I got him!!

  • I got Merlin. Now Fou has punching bag. ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

  • Merlin is basically the skip button for gameplay.

  • I already have Tamamo, if I have him or a friend I will have all the np spam in the future.

  • Merlin is bad civilization, protest the dick wizard. Last time I let him in my Chaldea he turned Salter into a futa. It took a long time to turn her back with all of my casters working for 5 days, all day and night.

  • Who the queen tho o.o

  • fuck rolling for Merlin. Everyone will get him so I'll just use him on support

  • I dont care how good merlin is, the one and only servant that i want is king hassan

  • Thank you, question answered 😀

  • Ok I’m convinced — I’m rolling him I don’t care how much money I put down I’m getting him